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Oxford Lawn Mowing LLC was incorporated in August of 2016 out of the desire of the owner to break himself out of his comfort zone, get outdoors and interact more with his environment, become more physically active, and lastly, to improve himself through hard work and acquire a greater degree of autonomy.

Our mission is to provide personalized old school service to the Oxford MS. community, to prosper, and having done so, have an opportunity to look outside ourselves, towards others, and contribute to the common good.

Oxford Lawn Mowing LLC provides mowing, edging, air blowing, mulch and pine straw application, pruning and shrubbery shaping services, in the Oxford MS. area. We try to keep it simple, take deep breaths, and derive enjoyment from a job well done.

NOTE: I have chosen not to purchase a yearly renewal of our site's SSL certificate at this time.

Regards, Michael, Oxford Lawn Mowing LLC.

P.S. Mini-rant about SSL certification shakedown omitted for brevity. :-)