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Oxford Lawn Mowing LLC provides mowing, edging, air blowing, mulch and pine straw application, pruning and shrubbery shaping services, in the Oxford MS. (U.S.A.) area.

  • You lack the time...
  • You lack the necessary equipment...
  • Your lawn maintenance equipment is currently inoperable...
  • You just don't consider your going through the laborious process of mowing, edging and leaf blowing, and the associated handling and storage of gas, gas and oil mixtures, etc., to maintain your lawns appearance, a good return on your investment of time and effort...

NOTICE:  We have changed our website to refer you to a local young family man of good character and a fellow lawn care provider here in Oxford, Adam Keith @ Keith Lawn Care.


NOTE: I have chosen not to purchase a yearly renewal of our site's SSL certificate at this time.

Regards, Michael, Oxford Lawn Mowing LLC.

P.S. Mini-rant about SSL certification shakedown omitted for brevity. :-)